Demo: Daily Crossword

This is an example of how a crosswords page on a publisher site may look. Such a page would be built in the publisher's CMS, and the ad spots on the page would be filled from the publisher's advertising system. The page may also include the site's regular features such as a link to popular articles in the right rail.

A live PuzzleMe™ player is embedded in an iframe below. It features a puzzle picker and a puzzle player. It can also show a video pre-roll before the user gets to play a puzzle. If needed, the player can communicate with the publisher's CMS and advertising system to notify it of events inside the iframe. The look and feel of the experience inside the iframe can be customized to match the publisher's requirements and brand guidelines.

Each series of puzzles, such as daily or Sunday puzzles, can have it's own page like this. The iframe size is controlled by the publisher based on the size of the puzzles. Typically, an iframe width of 640px for 15x15 puzzles and 770px for 21x21 puzzles works well.

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