Volkswagen crossword ad unit

300px600px ad unit

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About this ad unit: This sample game ad unit depicts a crossword for Volkswagen's ID4 electric SUV. It is in a recommended IAB size (300x600 pixels, also known as a superwide skyscraper). Type some letters to see the VW logo animate and move right as you fill more letters in the puzzle. Press Control-G to fast forward to the end. You will hear the completion jingle and see an end screen with an embedded VW YouTube video. These effects emphasize the brand connection apart from the words and clues in the puzzle, such as ELECTRIC, AUTO, and IDLIGHT that are related to the brand. The completion screen, as well as the screen with the "i" button, are configured using the messaging fields for the game in the PuzzleMe™ CMS. The destination of the Learn More CTAs can be set on PuzzleMe's ad settings page. The words in the puzzle can be generated using PuzzleMe's Magic Fill feature, which also provides assistance with clues.

(c) Amuse Labs. For demo purposes only.