Welcome Amalthea-21 participants

On this page, we will publish 2 puzzles on Dec. 11 and 12 at 3pm on both days. Each puzzle will have a different format. Standings will be decided based on the earliest all-correct answer (partially correct answers will not be considered for the prizes although they will be the standings). When you finish the puzzle, press the submit button, you will be prompted to enter your full name and email address.

The top 3 finishers of each puzzle will win a ₹ 500 Amazon voucher. Come back on Dec. 12 to see all the standings and how you did against your competition. Good luck!

To create your own puzzles, go to our home page and click on "Create Puzzle" at top right. Go to our jobs page to apply for positions at Amuse Labs. Send your resume to jobs@amuselabs.com for full-time positions and summer/winter internships.

Puzzle 2

Live at 3 pm Sunday Dec. 12, 2021.
(submissions are now closed)

Puzzle 1

Live at 3 pm Saturday Dec. 11, 2021
(submissions are now closed)

Terms and conditions

  1. Everyone competes individually (no teams) and you can submit each puzzle only once.
  2. You are not allowed to use the web, write a program, use anyone else’s help or refer to any other resources while solving the puzzle (this will waste your time anyway!) If it is determined that you used external resources, your entry will be disqualified.
  3. Amuse Labs decision is final with respect to the prizes.
  4. Prize vouchers will be sent within a week of the event.
  5. For any questions, write to puzzlemaster@amuselabs.com