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  • Asian arts crossword created by Puzzle Me crossword creator Met museum Asian Art Crossword Puzzle

    We love art-themed puzzles that make great use of Puzzle Me’s multimedia clues. This puzzle, based on an Asian Art exhibition of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, shows how museums and exhibitions can extend their reach and engage patrons in exciting, new ways. Play the puzzle here.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.02.36 AM


    For now, most people my answer concede, public school boards in some form are here to stay, for both theoretical and practical reasons.
  • A fun puzzle for Kindergartners!

    Guess the food by its picture. Learn how to spell common food names as well. Play the puzzle now!

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  • Art parody crossword created by Puzzle Me crossword creator. An art parody puzzle

    Love art? Then you’ll enjoy this “Interpretations of Famous Art Works” puzzle, a fun and interesting way of looking at historic artworks.