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  • The Total Solar Eclipse Puzzle

    August 21, 2017, America will witness one of nature’s breathtaking sights- the Total Solar Eclipse. The Washington Post’s Speaking of Science Blog has published a fun Solar Eclipse Puzzle catering to people of all ages.  This puzzle is not only engaging, it also has plenty of unique videos, picture galleries, articles about the Solar Eclipse gathered by the Post. I learned a lot about the Eclipse by solving this puzzle and from the goodie of additional resources revealed at the end of the puzzle. Don’t forget to try this puzzle, It’s time worth spent eclips’ing!

  • Common Birds of India crossword created by Puzzle Me crossword creator Nature: Common birds of India

    A bunch of nature related puzzles are now available and can be accessed from our home page. Among them is the Common birds of India. This is an easy puzzle for nature lovers. If you live in India or visit India make sure you notice these birds around you.