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  • The Year That Was…2017

    It was an incredible year for all of us at Amuse Labs. We thank all our friends, families, customers, advisors, well-wishers and pets.

    As we bid adieu to 2017, Newsday published this crossword, constructed with and powered by PuzzleMe. The author is Newsday columnist and member of the editorial board, Michael Dobie. It has a pretty shape and an excellent fill that should please all solvers.

    Solve this timely and relevant crossword puzzle here.


  • Banksgiving Day

    Paul Bass, editor-in-chief of the New Haven Independent has created this quirky crossword puzzle, just in time for Thanksgiving. He challenges you to solve it and track down New Haven’s financial finest.

    This puzzle has loads of images, making it fun and engaging for solvers. In constructing this puzzle, Paul used our newest grid editing feature and gave us a lot of feedback to improve it. Thanks, Paul!

    Try out the crossword here.

  • Bonnes nouvelles! PuzzleMe is now in French.

    Gear up, all you creative constructors! The PuzzleMe platform is now in French, allowing you to effortlessly create and host crossword puzzles in the French language.

    Big news for solvers as well! Try solving a French Crossword here.

    Now you can also enjoy solving mots croisés supported by PuzzleMe, here at the Acadie Nouvelle’s crossword page. Acadie Nouvelle is using the platform in a unique way: while they don’t have French puzzles in standard crossword formats, they find it easy to simply enter their offline puzzle into PuzzleMe using the grid editor available in our PuzzleMe creator.

    Happy Gaming!

  • American Speeches Crossword

    Truthdig had published a crossword on the famous American Speeches.  This crossword with audio clues is really intriguing & informative. Check the crossword here.

  • Digital Publishing: As Crosswords Move Online, Publishers Can Still Make a Profit

    Rob Tornoe – the digital editor at wrote this column on online crosswords. 

    “With Puzzle Me, individuals and small publishers can create puzzles for free, while news organizations with an eye on creating revenue or reader loyalty pay a subscription fee, which comes with added support, help in creating more customized puzzles and detailed access to analytics. The platform also offers video pre-roll ads and targeted display ads in an easy-to embed iframe……..

    The power of the platform is newsrooms no longer need a crossword creator to spend hours building an engaging puzzle. New crosswords can be built by just about anyone in the newsroom using just 10-15 questions and answers, allowing them to focus on local news and events relevant to an organization’s specific audience.

    The possibilities are endless. Newsrooms could create an engaging puzzle around a breaking news situation or a popular local event or focused on a local sports team. Over in the advertising department, an enterprising sales team could use Puzzle Me to create engaging native ads for local businesses or to promote an important charity in the community…….”

    Read the whole article here.