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What are people doing with PuzzleMe™?

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Paul Bass, the editor of the New Haven Independent is creating crosswords on local stories as an alternative way to engage people with local news. See more.

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Education: Engaging kids in the classroom: Deb Coleman, a teacher at Southern Wells Community School has been using crosswords as a tool to practice vocabulary used in nonfiction articles to sixth graders.

“Thanks for this excellent teaching aid which I am using for my undergraduate students and children!”

Prof. Robert Goldin

Centre for Pathology, Imperial College, UK

Your crossword generator is amazing …. I tried a bunch of other products for this …. and yours is by far the best in my opinion! …. Thank you for such a great product!

Ivy Livingston

Harvard University

“Hello Wonderful, Amazing, Creative, Code-writing Geniuses at Amuse Labs, Your’s is the best. I’ve been testing them for two days and it looks wonderful on my site.”

Tam Francis

Blogger, The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress