Solutions for Publishers

Amuse Labs’ PuzzleMe supports a wide range of intelligence based Smart Games. You can offer the brand features to your advertisers for monetisation and user engagement. Explore the various possibilities.

The primary challenges facing publishers are user engagement and improving monetization from their digital editions. 

User engagement 

  • Habit forming
  • Long engagement periods 
  • Positive frame
  • Draw in users to discover their other content


  • Ads – safe environment, long user attention, positive frame of mind
  • Subscriptions 
  • Sponsorship

Games for ad-supported sites

LA Times games page for crosswords, sudoku and word search

Leading sites use PuzzleMe to power their online games and puzzles section. As experienced publishers know, daily games like crossword and sudoku are great drivers of loyalty and habit. Further, the high time on page creates a lot of ad inventory for display and video pre-roll advertising, making these games a profitable source of revenue.

For live examples, see the games sites for The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Times of India and El Pais. These sites illustrate a complete solution based on PuzzleMe, including a puzzle picker, multiple series and sizes of puzzles, and monetization. Not directly visible, however, is PuzzleMe’s ability at the backend to seamlessly ingest puzzles from a syndicate or constructor, to manage the editing and publication workflows, and to provide detailed analytics on puzzle plays.

With its smooth UX and excellent support, PuzzleMe has helped publishers continuously grow usage, loyalty and habit with their readers.

Subscription benefits

The Guardian Puzzles App

You can provide access to games and puzzles as a key subscription benefit. Many content producers across the world are looking for ways to increase their subscribers and retain them. Give them more reasons to subscribe with our Smart Games. An analysis by the Wall Street Journal shows that users who engage early on with puzzles and games have a lower churn rate than those who don’t.

For examples, see the puzzle sites of The New Yorker, Gulf News or Publico (Portugal) who put their puzzles behind a metered or hard paywall. The Guardian Puzzles app on iOS and Android, built by Amuse Labs for The Guardian, is an example of a highly polished experience that is accessible via its own subscription, separate from the main Guardian news app.

PuzzleMe™ has many more features. Feel free to login and explore the platform. We can provide other word or logic based games on request. Please contact us to discuss how PuzzleMe can help you.