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What is the difference between PuzzleMe™ for Publishers and PuzzleMe™ for Consumers?

Use the Publisher option If you already have a crossword puzzle from another source. In this case, we help you run the puzzle online on your site.

Use the Consumer option if you’d like to create a custom puzzle.In this case, someone in your organisation (or even your users) could create puzzles with PuzzleMe and share them with others. The types of games could be crosswords, word searches, or quizzes, The puzzle could also incorporate multimedia.


Quiz (click on link to see live puzzle),
Wordsearch (click on link to see live puzzle)

How do I integrate the PuzzleMe™ platform into a custom CMS?

We deliver the puzzle as an iframe. It is very easy to embed in one of your CMS pages, just as you might embed a YouTube video or a tweet on an article page. It requires no integration with or changes to your CMS.

Do you also supply crosswords for publishers?

Not at the present time. We’re a software company.  Use our player to run your daily print puzzle online.  If you already have a print puzzle, we can easily import it into our platform, as long as it’s one of the standard formats like .puz or .jpz. We can also help to integrate with your advertising hooks if any so that ads or video pre-roll etc. can be displayed at the appropriate point in the game.

Note: The video ad will come from your site. We can tie into your ads system and give you a call back just before the puzzle picker is loaded.


Do you have a model for apps?

Our puzzles are responsive, so they can be played on a mobile web browser. We also have a completely separate product, which is a native iOS version of crosswords (with support for multimedia). But that would be available on a different, software license-based model.

Does your crossword player support Rebus letters and circled squares?

Yes and yes.

Which languages does the platform support?

Our platform supports multiple languages and international character sets. For example, we have had Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese publishers use PuzzleMe. For crosswords, we rely on the user’s device keyboard for letter entry, so your users should have a keyboard that lets them enter the letters.


Does PuzzleMe allow us to connect it to our paywall?

We would recommend to embed the puzzle in an iframe on a CMS page which is already behind the paywall. That keeps the integration simple.

How much do you charge?

We have different pricing models depending on how you’re going to use the platform. 

For pricing details please contact us: puzzlemaster@amuselabs.com


I am not a crossword expert. How do I use PuzzleMe™ creator?

You don’t have to be a pro to use our PuzzleMe creator. Just type in your questions & answers and click the button ‘Create puzzle’. PuzzleMe does the rest from laying out a grid to providing embed codes, to tracking detailed analytics to enabling social sharing.

Do I need an account to create puzzles?

We would recommend you to create an account using your Gmail or Facebook id. Using which you will be able to get the embed code to embed puzzles into your pages. Additionally, you will be able to access all your puzzles and view detailed analytics through your account.

After you create your puzzle, from the preview page, you can select the embed option that will take you to the login page. Just type in your credentials to log in.

Can I use your puzzle platform for native advertising?

Yes!  Native puzzles can have a theme related to the sponsor. We can help you craft such games.


A crossword game on Pepsi India’s product portfolio. The puzzle showcases all the PepsiCo products that are much loved by Indian youth.

Pepsi Crossword (click on link to see live puzzle)

Can I print my puzzle?

Yes, you can. After you create your puzzle, from the preview page, you can select the print option.

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