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Leading brands across the globe use PuzzleMe™ as their games platform to engage users across websites and apps.

Smart Games

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All our games are powered by PuzzleMe, our robust CMS platform to create, customise, distribute, and track Smart Games. PuzzleMe delivers a smooth user experience on a wide variety of devices, in over 26 languages. The games are built on the same underlying architecture, leading to a consistent user interface and easy management across games. Millions of gameplays are delivered every week to users around the world, and the platform incorporates our experiences from years of working with top partners. Enterprise-level features like built-in analytics, reporting and alerts are available.

Solutions for publishers

Publishers are under increasing pressure to gain, engage, and retain online users. They need to improve monetisation from advertisements, subscriptions or sponsorships. Games are a perfect way to address these needs. A user typically remains engaged on a game page for several minutes, leading to several avenues for monetisation. Users build loyalty and habit for these games.

Solutions for brands and advertisers

Move beyond static display ads into interactive ad-units. What better format than games to make ads interactive? Amuse Labs can combine games and ads to deliver catchy interactive experiences which actively engage users with simple, yet interesting games. Games can be combined with visual assets and calls to action in any form factor. Contact us for more information.

Free tools for making puzzles

Whether you are a professional or indie constructor, a teacher or a student, a newbie or an expert, feel free to create your own games using PuzzleMe. You are part of our community! Just enter or import your content and we'll make it easy for you to create and distribute beautiful, high-quality games. We have sophisticated tools for game creation, including an AI-powered Magic Fill engine that supports creation of thematic puzzles and works with all languages. PuzzleMe can also import your existing games in a number of formats. Our puzzle making tools are constantly improved based on feedback we receive from users around the world.

All the features you need

Customizing look and feel of puzzles with PuzzleMe

Look & Feel

Give your games the look you want. Customizable colors, fonts, masthead, imagery, and messaging make your puzzles look and feel native to your brand and voice.

Multiple languages supported by PuzzleMe platform

Many Languages

PuzzleMe supports over 20 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Arabic, Chinese, and Indic languages. Ask us if you’d like more!



Enable multiple people to solve puzzles together in real time. Re-create the fun and pleasure of solving puzzles together, online!

Advanced features of PuzzleMe platform

Advanced Features

Multimedia clues? Odd shapes? Rebus squares? Circled or shaded letters? Barred grid? Right-to-left? Images in grid? No problem!

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