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Want readers to keep coming back to your site? Looking to give readers a reason to subscribe? Simply embed the PuzzleMe™ platform on your website or in your apps, and theme it to blend seamlessly with your brand. Monetize puzzles even as your users enjoy a slick experience on any device.

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Daily crossword Puzzles

The average time spent online on a crossword puzzle is in the range of 15-20 minutes.

Are you a publisher?

PuzzleMe can import puzzles easily from most sources. If you don’t have a puzzle source, we can help you find one!

Are you a syndicate?

If you are a syndicate and want to make your crosswords playable in the best online crossword player, contact us!

We also help independent crossword constructors. Embed your puzzles on your site or blog using PuzzleMe. See live examples.


Attract subscribers with puzzles. Or monetize traffic with your own high-CPM video pre-rolls & targeted display ads. Or make money from sponsorships or native advertising.

Effortless integration

A single line of code is all you need to embed crossword, sudoku or wordsearch puzzles on your websites, newsletters and blogs. PuzzleMe can also be integrated into native apps. It will manage the puzzle lifecycle, from ingest to publication.

Detailed analytics

Track engagement by browser, device category, audience behavior, and more.

A seamless experience across any device

PuzzleMe delights users with a smooth experience across all platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

All the features you need


Customizable colors, fonts, masthead and messaging make PuzzleMe look and feel native to your website.


PuzzleMe supports many languages, including Spanish, French and Portuguese. Ask us if you’d like more!


Our range of puzzle pickers supports any number of puzzles. Run as many puzzles in as many series as you like.


Odd shapes? Rebus squares? Circled or shaded letters? Barred cells? Images in the grid? No problem!

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