Solutions for Brands

PuzzleMe Games invite meaningful, positive and pleasurable interaction with a brand, with a high recall value.

Brands can engage their audience in a playful and thoughtful way with themed games. Amuse Labs offers multiple options for brands and advertising agencies looking for creative campaigns.

Interactive display ads with Smart Games

Experience different ad-units for the Hulu show ‘The Dropout’, with a crossword.

Sample 970x250px ad-unit for a Netflix show, with a Word Search game. The words to be found are characters in the show and can be identified by dragging across the letters in the grid.


Sample 728x90px ad-unit for Hilton Garden Inn, with a Quiz based on their menu.

Interactive display ads are those where consumers can interact with an ad unit.  The novel format of the ads and their ability to keep users engaged makes them attractive to brands and advertisers. Amuse Labs can deliver an entire Smart Games experience, tightly woven with an advertiser’s content and messaging, within the constraints of an ad unit.

Smart Games also provide a safe environment for advertisers because they offer a worry-free experience for users, unlike a lot of news. After engaging with mildly challenging games, users leave with a sense of accomplishment and delight, and positive association with the brand.

Amuse Labs offers interactive banner ads in the most common IAB formats – 970×250, 300×600, 300×250 and 728×90, with a choice of suitable games for each format. Pictured alongside are samples of three sizes of ads (click on an image to interact with a live ad).

Discuss with us which game types would fit which ad size the best. These interactive games can be delivered with a lightweight footprint (under 1 MB) that enables the game to load fast. The theme of the game as well as the content is completely customizable. We need a lead time of up to 4 weeks to produce a puzzle like this for a new client or campaign. Subsequent builds can be much faster. 

Brand engagement with puzzles

Word Search to highlight a brand’s product portfolio

Brands with a diverse portfolio of products, such as Volkswagen in this example, can leverage Smart Games to build awareness and establish higher recall for them. This is a fun way to get people to refresh their awareness of a company’s products and learn more.

This is a Picdoku puzzle, a Sudoku variant, which uses colorful Kellogg's Fruit Loops instead of numbers.
Picdoku for playful interaction with a brand’s images 

Creative use of colorful Kellogg’s Fruit Loops finds a place in Picdoku, a Sudoku variant. It works on the same principles as a Sudoku but in this case with Fruit Loops instead of numbers.

WordroW for a brand’s title

Our latest game, WordroW, is a variation of Wordle, the popular guess-the-word game. It works in a similar way, highlighting user inputs in gray, yellow and green. How about standing out from your competition as audiences try to guess your brand or product? You’re not limited to 5 letters, or even just to 1 word.

A WordroW puzzle in which a multinational popular sports apparel and equipments brand needs to be guessed by the user.
A WordroW puzzle in which the tagline of a multinational popular QSR brand needs to be guessed by the user.
WordroW for a brand’s tagline

Or the tagline. Can you figure out the tagline of this popular food chain?

Sponsored games

Multimedia crossword puzzle creating using PuzzleMe platform to promote the Duolingo brand on The New Yorker's website

Companies like Netflix, Delta Airlines and Shopify have used PuzzleMe to run promotion campaigns on popular websites. 

PuzzleMe look & feel customization features, special effects and multimedia features can be creatively leveraged to provide a deeply branded experience to the users. The content of the games can be related to the product being promoted to playfully highlight the campaign elements. 

Here is a puzzle commissioned by Netflix for its show, The Chair. The puzzle clues are related to the theme of the show and the experience folds in Netflix brand assets. As users solve the puzzle, a cut-out of Sandra Oh, the star of the show, periodically comes in to encourage the user to finish the puzzle. When the puzzle is complete, a special audio message recorded by Sandra is played as a reward, and solvers are directed to the show’s website.

Similarly, The New Yorker Brand Labs has run crossword puzzles for Duolingo (link) and Folger’s coffee (link). This puzzle promotes Shopify and its local merchants as part of a campaign in the L.A. Times. This Daily Beast puzzle highlights entries connected to Delta Airlines and this National Post puzzle promotes the movie Tenet.

This Kriss-Kross puzzle promotes Formula-1 racing.

QR code activation

A beer can designed by Lamplighter Brewery, with a crossword puzzle and a QR code for interactive solving

Engagement via games need not always start online. It is possible to engage consumers of physical products as well. PuzzleMe enables activation via QR code or URL printed on a label or a sticker that is attached to the product. 

A restaurant can keep its patrons busy at the table while waiting for their food to arrive, by triggering a game via a QR code on the table. The whole party can know more about the restaurant or special menu items via simple, fun games triggering their taste buds and leaving a lasting positive brand impression on their minds. Contact details can be collected in the process too, to build a following. 

The image here is the label on a beer can sold by Lamplighter Brewery in Boston. The grid is printed directly on the can and a QR code directs solvers to this interactive page where solvers can complete the puzzle online.

PuzzleMe™ has many more features. Feel free to login and explore the platform. We can provide other word or logic based games on request. Please contact us to discuss how PuzzleMe can help you.