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Whether a player is beginning to solve Sudokus, or is an expert, PuzzleMe™ provides an excellent experience at any level. PuzzleMe also comes with a catalog of Sudoku puzzles that have been carefully calibrated at different levels of difficulty.

Live example: The Los Angeles Times

Multiple difficulty levels in a Sudoku Puzzle that are possible when creating a Sudoku with PuzzleMe.
The PuzzleMe Sudoku Smart Tutor enables new Sudoku solvers to begin and become better in solving. It provides hint and guides the player to understand the game dynamics better.

PuzzleMe’s unique Sudoku tutor is the perfect guide for users wanting to improve their game. It offers hints at each step, guiding the player toward the right solution. These hints range from the simple tactics, such as elimination, to the most advanced, such as the “X-Wing” and “XY-Wing” patterns needed to solve “impossibly hard” grids. The Smart Tutor ensures users have a way to make progress and do not get stuck for long periods.

Live examples: Explore the sample Sudoku puzzles towards the end of this page.

PuzzleMe has a seamless solving interface on mobile, tablet or desktop. The game adapts responsively to the screen’s dimensions. To save space on mobile devices, the puzzle interface is equipped with a custom on-screen keyboard comprising only numbers, the pencil and pen buttons, and an erase option. This sleek design enables players to focus on the grid and type entries effortlessly.

Creative display of the flexible user interface of PuzzleMe with the same Sudoku that is easily adaptable, visible and playable on a mobile, desktop and tablet.

Players working on a PuzzleMe Sudoku can make use of several assist features to ease their play experience.

Pencil mode: Using a pencil to note potential numbers for a cell, helps players in arriving at the right number without having to memorize the possibilities. The numbers, acting as a placeholder, are entered in a smaller font size within the selected box. Users can switch between the pencil and pen modes by clicking on the space bar on a desktop device.

Show candidates: Players can make use of the “show candidates” function for a cell or the grid. It helps in verifying potential numbers for a cell or gaining visibility of the numbers in the grid for a head-start. This function is disabled in Contest Mode.

Undo and Redo: Recovering from typos and exploring alternate paths to the solution is convenient with PuzzleMe. Players can make use of the Undo and Redo functions to retrace their steps through multiple levels without having to keep track manually. Both these options are disabled in Contest Mode.

Check and reveal: One incorrect placement can lay the groundwork for a series of errors. To prevent a negative domino effect, players can use the Check feature to check if their entry is correct and identify incorrect placements in the entire grid. PuzzleMe’s complementing Reveal feature nudges players toward the right solution. Sudokus in Contest Mode have both check and reveal disabled.

Assist Features available to a Sudoku solver on PuzzleMe. Mobile screenshot shows the Undo, redo, show candidate cells, check cell and grid support available to a player solving a Sudoku puzzle with PuzzleMe.
A Sudoku puzzle session being continued from a mobile to a desktop when being solved on PuzzleMe.

PuzzleMe stores game progress locally on a player’s browser, allowing for an uninterrupted play experience even if the user takes breaks between sessions. Players revisiting their sudoku can pick it up right where they left off. PuzzleMe’s support for session continuity also enables players to switch devices in the middle of a game. Progress is saved as long as the player can be identified with their unique ID.

PuzzleMe’s sudoku creator interface is multipurpose. Puzzle creators can use it to build sudoku puzzles with ease, while publishers and brands can also bundle sudoku content with their platforms. Amuse Labs also provides accurate software-generated Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty levels. Write to us at to find out more.

Live example: El País (Spanish)

PuzzleMe provides content bundling services with the Sudoku creator and player platform.
Picdoku is a twist to the classic Sudoku. The Picdoku replaces numbers with emojis or images while following other rules of a Sudoku puzzle. The image shows two mobile screenshots of distinct Pickdoku puzzles. One is with a filled grid of Social Media icons and the other is an incomplete grid with Pizza toppings.

Picdoku is a visually appealing version of Sudoku that follows the same rules as a traditional Sudoku puzzle but replaces numbers with images or emojis. Picdokus can be themed for a specific topic or brand to create a delightful and memorable experience for players. PuzzleMe Smart Tutor is available in Picdoku as well.

Live example: Morning Brew

Wordoku is another variation of a Sudoku that uses letters in place of numbers. Brands and publishers can use this game for promotions – whether of their brand name, or letters from a phrase or word. Of course, the letters have to be unique and match the size of the grid. Among other assist features, players can seek help from PuzzleMe’s Smart Tutor too.

Wordoku is a twist to the classic Sudoku. The Wordoku replaces numbers with letters while following other rules of a Sudoku puzzle. The image shows two mobile screenshots of distinct Wordoku puzzles. One is with a filled grid of the Indian telecom brand, Airtel, and the other is an incomplete grid with "Wright" of the Wright Brothers fame.

To try out and embed these demo Picdoku puzzles on your website or mobile app, please click the button below to copy the embed code. Feel free to adjust the height, width and margin as per your own site’s layout. 

To try out and embed these demo Wordoku puzzles on your website or mobile app, please click the button below to copy the embed code. Feel free to adjust the height, width and margin as per your own site’s layout. 

Please note that these iframes are only for Testing and demonstration purposes, and are not to be used commercially.

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