Build Online Crosswords With PuzzleMe

Delightful on All Screens: Whether you’re on mobile, tablet, or desktop, enjoy a seamless crossword puzzle.

Built for Mobile: With an on-screen keyboard and a list view for clues, mobile solvers get a frictionless experience.

Live example: Los Angeles Times

Creative displaying the flexible user interface of PuzzleMe with the same crossword easily adaptable, visible and playable on a mobile, desktop and tablet.
A screenshot showing the custom theming options available on PuzzleMe.

Add Your Fonts, Colors, and More: Make your crosswords yours with styles and branding. Add custom fonts, messaging, colors, and a masthead to make the games feel at home with your website or app. There’s no limit to what you can customize.

Live examples: Crossword Club, Autostraddle, Vulture

Instant Embed: Add PuzzleMe crosswords on your site with a simple copy/paste. Our embeds load in the blink of an eye.

Mobile-App Compatible: Add crosswords to your iOS and Android Apps without writing any extra code.

WordPress Plugin: Install PuzzleMe’s WordPress Plugin. Add puzzles to your pages using simple WordPress shortcodes.

Live example: The Irish Times app, The Times of India e-paper

PuzzleMe crosswords on The Irish Times. Screenshot showing easy integration and embedding of crossword puzzles possible with PuzzleMe.
A screenshot on mobile showing the social share option available with PuzzleMe. The end modal of the crossword puzzle, after completion allows solvers to share the puzzle on apps on their phone, including social media. Social share works for other devices too.

In-built nudges: Drive traffic to your site with our in-built sharing nudges. Crossword solvers can share their results on any social platform in two clicks.

Tailored captions: PuzzleMe generates social captions for users that mention their results. This makes sharing truly seamless for your users.

Live examples: The Washington Post, Black Crossword, The Times of India

Track all metrics: On the PuzzleMe dashboard, see the number of players, the time spent, devices used, and much more.

Export Your Data: Download your data for further analysis. Uncover actionable insights.

Game Heat Maps: Get a heat map of your puzzle. See which areas of the grid people found easy or hard.

Screenshot of the Analytics Dashboard to all users of PuzzleMe. The PuzzleMe analytics dashboard helps in tracking and optimizing crossword puzzles.
Representational image showing the secure and private experience that a crossword puzzle solver enjoys with PuzzleMe

GDPR-compliant: PuzzleMe is compliant with privacy standards such as GDPR and CCPA. We capture no personal information. You get complete ownership of your user data.

The image showcases how two publishers have enabled custom messaging for their crossword puzzles with PuzzleMe.

Deliver Your Message: Customize what’s displayed to the solver at the beginning, on pause, or at the end of the puzzle. Add images, call-to-actions, or even custom HTML.

Monetize With Ads: Use PuzzleMe to show your solvers a sponsored ad or video. Add a link to a landing page at the end of the puzzle.

Live examples: The New Yorker, Crossword Club, Atlas Obscura

Get feature-rich crosswords on your site without having to code. Try it yourself with this sample PuzzleMe embed:

Please note that these iframes are only for testing and demonstration purposes, and are not to be used commercially.

Please write to for any questions or clarifications. And contact us if you’d like more puzzle types!