The area with the blue border below is a live PuzzleMe™ iframe. The iframe’s height, width and other parameters can be customised in the embed code. In a real deployment, puzzles can be set up with a publication time in advance, and automatically appear in the picker after their publication time. Please note that these iframes are only for testing and demonstration purposes, and are not to be used commercially.

Please write to for any questions or clarifications. And contact us if you’d like more puzzle types! 

Crosswords are the most popular word game in the world, and variants of it are found in nearly every language. PuzzleMe is the industry standard player for solving crossword puzzles on web and mobile devices, in any language. It has advanced support for crosswords of any size, shape and type. And it supports multimedia in the clues and in the grid too!

PuzzleMe has a powerful, free crossword puzzle maker that can import standard crossword formats like puz or xml. Or you can create crossword puzzles easily right within your PuzzleMe account using our unique Magic Fill engine.

We enable you to create or import content, but if you’d like, we can also provide fun crossword puzzles (in English only) bundled with the platform.

To try out and embed these demo crossword puzzles alongside on your website or mobile app, please click the button below to copy the embed code. Feel free to adjust the height, width and margin as per your own site’s layout.