The Jigsaw Puzzle Maker You've Been Waiting For

jigsaw puzzle online

PuzzleMe™ replicates the unique and carefully-designed cuts of physical jigsaw pieces to bring you a near-identical experience online. Designs for custom cuts are available on request.

Jigsaw puzzle pieces showing the various cuts which closely recreate the physical jigsaw solving experience on PuzzleMe.

PuzzleMe’s interface provides a smooth solving experience across devices, even for a game as visually demanding as a jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw canvas adapts automatically to the height and width of the user’s screen, thanks to PuzzleMe’s responsive and device-agnostic layout.

Live example: The New York Post, The Boston Globe

Creative display of the flexible user interface of PuzzleMe with the same jigsaw that is easily adaptable, visible and playable on a mobile, desktop and tablet.
A jigsaw puzzle session being continued from a mobile to a desktop when being solved on PuzzleMe.

PuzzleMe stores game progress locally on a player’s browser, which allows for a seamless play experience even if they take breaks. So, when they revisit the jigsaw, the player is able to pick it up where they left off. PuzzleMe’s support for session continuity also enables solvers to switch devices while playing a game. Progress isn’t lost as long as the player can be identified with their unique ID.

Solving jigsaw puzzles is more fun with friends. With PuzzleMe’s Social Play, players can invite friends and family to solve with them.

Upto 4 players can solve jigsaws collaboratively with PuzzleMe.

Group 2038@2x
Twelve pieces of a jigsaw puzzle laid out in a grid to showcase the flexibility of deciding the number of jigsaw puzzle pieces that can be created while making a jigsaw on PuzzleMe.

Jigsaw puzzles are made unique both by the images that they are cut from, and the number of pieces they are made of. With PuzzleMe, creators can define the number of rows and columns an image should be split into. When multiplied with each other, these numbers yield the number of pieces that the puzzle will comprise of. Jigsaw puzzles can carry a few hundred pieces, though it is recommended to keep this number low to enable a smooth solving experience on mobile devices.

Illustrative image of the Content Mode feature available on PuzzleMe while creating a Jigsaw.

Users looking for a competitive, yet secure and friendly experience can play PuzzleMe’s jigsaw puzzles in Contest Mode. When enabled, the feature starts the game with broken pieces and provides players with no visibility on the final image. Functions that allow image viewing and hints about edges-only pieces are disabled by default. PuzzleMe’s contest mode is perfect for creators, communities and businesses looking to organize competitions and tournaments.

PuzzleMe’s assist features are designed to elevate players’ experience of solving jigsaw puzzles. The “edges-only” feature temporarily hides the pieces that form the interior of the puzzle, allowing solvers to complete the peripheral structure before working on the inner grid. Another assist feature permits players to reference the final image while solving the puzzle. These features are disabled by default when the game is in contest mode.

Live examples: Autostraddle, Morning Brew

Assist Features available to a Jigsaw player on PuzzleMe. Two mobile screenshots show the "edges-only" and "reference image" support available to a player solving a jigsaw puzzle with PuzzleMe.
Jigsaw Creators can change the background color of their jigsaw images while creating a jigsaw puzzle on PuzzleMe. The three mobile screenshots of the jigsaws show various background colors being used for three unique jigsaw images.

Making a jigsaw puzzle with PuzzleMe is as fun as solving one. Complement the image chosen for a jigsaw game with a custom background color. Use an RGB combination, the HEX code, or simply hover around the palette to pick your color of choice. The jigsaw maker by PuzzleMe enables constructors to create an experience as unique as the image itself.

Live examples: Morning Brew, Auspac Media