Introducing Schrödinger Puzzles

TL;DR: PuzzleMe now supports creating Schrodinger puzzles. Easily create and share Schrodinger crosswords with your solvers on PuzzleMe.

Do you know what Schrödinger puzzles are? They’re grids that have two possible solutions for the same clue, that also fit all the intersecting clues. It is now possible to construct and share such grids on PuzzleMe.

What are Schrödinger puzzles?

Named after the famous Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment in quantum physics, Schrödinger puzzles have a duality that set them apart from traditional crosswords. In a standard crossword, each clue corresponds to one specific word or phrase. Schrödinger puzzles introduce an element of uncertainty, allowing for two possible solutions to fit a single clue that also fits all the intersecting clues.

Imagine a grid where the answer to a particular clue could be “sun” or “son,” and both possibilities work with the intersecting clues. This creates a mind-bending experience for puzzle enthusiasts, challenging them to think outside the box and consider multiple potential answers for a single entry.

How to create Schrödinger puzzles

It’s easy to create Schrödinger puzzles with PuzzleMe. You just have to navigate to the ‘Edit Grid and Clues’ page, and then find ‘Enter Rebus Letters’ under the ‘Grid Structure’ dropdown. Rebus letters are symbols or groups of letters that represent words or parts of words. In the context of Schrödinger puzzles, these rebus letters serve as placeholders for the alternative solutions.

Simply select the letter alternatives that apply and add them to the corresponding cells, separating them with a forward slash (/), and you’re done! Players can now enter either of the possible answers on the grid, and both will be marked correct if they fit the intersecting clues.

Nishant Kauntia