The 5 Best Newspaper Crosswords You Can Play Online

Newspaper crosswords have long offered readers a delightful blend of intellectual challenge and entertainment. American constructors have made significant contributions to the evolution of this puzzle form. Here, we celebrate the ingenuity and creativity of these constructors by highlighting the top 5 newspaper crosswords that you can add to your routine. Each puzzle not only tests your vocabulary and trivia knowledge but also reflects the unique style and wit of its editor.

The New York Times Crossword by Will Shortz

NYTimes Newspaper Crosswords

Renowned for its sophistication and wordplay, The New York Times Crossword is arguably the gold standard in the world of puzzles. Under the editorship of Will Shortz since 1993, these crosswords are known for their clever themes, challenging clues, and cultural relevance. The Sunday edition, in particular, is a crowd favorite, offering a larger and more intricate puzzle that serves as a highlight for enthusiasts each week.

The Washington Post Sunday Crossword by Evan Birnholz

Washington Post Sunday Newspaper Crossword

Evan Birnholz, the star behind The Washington Post’s newspaper crosswords, brings a modern and fresh perspective to traditional crossword puzzles. His puzzles often include contemporary themes and are known for their smooth grid designs and creative wordplay. Birnholz’s puzzles manage to be both accessible to beginners and engaging for experienced solvers.

The Wall Street Journal Crossword by Mike Shenk

Mike Shenk, known for his pseudonymous creations, has been a significant figure in The Wall Street Journal’s newspaper crossword history. His puzzles are characterized by their business and finance-themed clues, reflecting the newspaper’s focus. Shenk’s work is appreciated for its meticulous construction and the balance of straightforward and cryptic clues.

The Los Angeles Times Crossword by Patti Varol

LA Times Newspaper Crossword

The Los Angeles Times newspaper crossword, under the editorship of Patti Varol, is celebrated for its thematic consistency and cultural diversity. Varol’s puzzles are designed to be more approachable, making them ideal for a broader audience. His style is a blend of traditional crossword conventions and innovative themes, often drawing from current events and pop culture.

The USA Today Crossword by Amanda Rafkin

Amanda Rafkin, a rising star in the crossword world, upholds the culture of diversity and modern themes to the USA Today Crossword. Her puzzles are known for their inclusivity and representation, featuring clues and themes that resonate with a younger and more diverse audience. Rafkin’s style is lively, fun, and challenges the norms of traditional crossword construction.

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