🧩 AI Crosswords Are Here!

🧩 AI Crosswords Are Here!
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    What Games Can Do For The Boston Globe

    The Boston Globe launched a brand-new games hub in April 2024. We spoke with Daniel King, Director of Games at The Boston Globe, about the Globe's vision with games. Here's an insightful excerpt:

    "The big thing is it’s all about engagement, right? People return to games daily. Hopefully, people will come to the Globe for the news, but we also understand that news fatigue is real, and that audiences can appreciate a diversion. Creating a habit-building daily game experience is a great way to get people to come back to the paper every day even if they’re just coming back to solve the Mini Crossword."

    In the interview, we delved into the role of a director of games, his grand ambition for games at the Globe, the choice of games and more. Read the full interview here.  

    Picture credit: The New York Times

    How Gen Z Changed Crosswords

    The New York Times published an article last month titled, "How Gen Z Made Crosswords Their Own". One of the shifts brought on by Gen Z constructors, the article argues, is that crosswords now reflect the personal obsessions of their constructors much more than they used to.

      Grids these days are often “diaristic,” said Paolo Pasco, 23, the winner of this year’s American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, the Super Bowl of crosswords. They can reveal clusters of personal obsessions or glimpses of an idiosyncratic sense of humor. “That’s a big part of what got me into puzzles,” Mr. Pasco said. “This is an insight into the person’s brain who thought of that joke.”

      Where can you get a taste of these Gen Z crosswords? Check out the personal blogs of constructors Paolo Pasco and Ada Nicolle. The Vulture 10x10 is a pop-culture puzzle that caters to a Gen Z audience.  

      Are You a People Puzzler?

      People Magazine recently launched the online version of their weekly crossword, "People Puzzler", with PuzzleMe. The crossword is tailored to People's audience of pop-culture enthusiasts, and each puzzle revolves around an American celebrity. 

      The latest puzzle, for example, is based on American actor Michael Keaton with the clue "Star of 2024’s Beetlejuice Beetlejuice", referring to the latest film he's starring in. Test your knowledge of pop-culture with this breezy puzzle here

      PuzzleMe CoPilot Is Here!

      Create puzzles and games with your own AI CoPilot, now on PuzzleMe

      1. Generate AI Crosswords with CoPilot

      We're excited to announce the Crossword CoPilot, a new PuzzleMe feature that makes creating a crossword with list entries easier than ever. All you need to do is enter your topic, and PuzzleMe will create a set of clues and answers for you. 

      Creators on PuzzleMe have already started generating AI crosswords on the platform. See, for example, this AI-generated crossword on the topic "Business and Management Vocabulary". We can't wait to see how you use the Crossword CoPilot. Give it a try here

        2. Context-based Clue Suggestions

        Having a hard time coming up with a clue that fits with your theme? We've now enhanced PuzzleMe's clue suggestions to ask for context. If you specify the topic or theme of your puzzle, CoPilot will generate clues based on that context. 

        In the screenshot above, the word CAMPAIGN had been clued with "Planned marketing operation". When given the context "Elections", the clue search came up with clues like "Candidate's extended effort". We hope this helps you create more topical crosswords. Find the Clue CoPilot under Clues > Edit Clues on the grid editor. 

        3. Quiz and Word Search with CoPilot

        You can use PuzzleMe CoPilot to generate Quizzes and Word Search puzzles too. Simply enter a topic, and see your puzzle come to life with relevant content. Once you have a starting point, you can edit and polish your game to suit your needs. 

        Creators on PuzzleMe have already started utilizing the CoPilot for various game formats. See, for example, this Word Search puzzle created with the topic "Mother's Day". Try creating a game on PuzzleMe today. It's easier now than ever before. 

          From the Crossworld

          The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament took place last month. A record 805 contestants (including 66 solvers in the new Pairs division) took part in the in-person event. The online version of the event, hosted using PuzzleMe's contest mode, was attended by 315 solvers. Congrats to Paolo Pasco, Games Editor at LinkedIn, for winning the event!

          The Boswords Spring Themeless League concluded with a thrilling finale last month. The event runs for 9 weeks, with solvers tackling one themeless puzzle per week during March and April. The "Stormy" version of the contest, for advanced solvers, was won by constructor Will Nediger. See the finalists in action here.  

            Puzzle of the Month

            A teacher used our Quiz CoPilot to generate a fun science quiz for first graders. Try it out and see if you can get answer all 10 questions correctly. 

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