🧩 Why Wordle Exploded

Why Wordle Exploded
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  • A media industry crossword

  • Insights from the Head of Games at New York Times

  • How news publishers can leverage quizzes

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The Media Industry Crossword

Do you consider yourself a media industry expert? Test your knowledge of the global media landscape with a fun little crossword we put together.

Why did Wordle Explode?

Jonathan Knight, Head of Games at the New York Times discussed the company’s games strategy with Naavic Games. Here are key insights from the podcast:

Games are retention tools:
“Subscribers who engage with both news and games within a given week are far more likely to retain than any other combination and more likely than just news," Knight said.

A clear mission statement:
“An essential subscription for English-speaking curious people looking to understand and engage with the world” - that's how Knight articulated NYT's mission. It’s crystal-clear, and encompasses games, cooking and more.

Wordle's growth loop:
Wordle went viral because of the coloured blocks littered across social apps, and that hasn't changed. “I’m blown away by the percentage of shares,” Knight says, “It’s just stayed that way through the lifetime of the product.”

News Publishers

Weekly Quizzes

Rewarding an avid consumer of your content is not hard - just let them show off about it. The Indian Express recently concluded its News Quiz League spread over 6 weeks, and it's a fabulous example of this strategy:

👉 62,377 Indian Express readers participated, and 1409 submitted complete entries, returning to the site every week. Their average solving time was 1.5 to 2 minutes every week.

👉 The top 3 winners all got 60/60 questions right, separated only by seconds in solving time. The competition was fierce.

    If your content caters to curious people, a quiz could be the perfect way to engage them. Reach out to us today to embed feature-rich quizzes on your site.

    Thematic Puzzles: For the launch of India’s new parliament, The Indian Express also published a parliament crossword. Topical crosswords like these help publishers capture the moment and delight their audience.

    PuzzleMe Spotlight

    A selection of features from PuzzleMe, the most advanced digital platform for Smart Games

    For solvers who want to end the day with a satisfying puzzle, we’ve got something special. A dark mode option, which has always been available on crosswords and sudokus will now also be available on quizzes and WordroWs.

    The explanations feature on PuzzleMe games is powerful. You can share information with your audience right when they’re most primed for it. Whether it’s a crossword or a quiz, add an explanation that is displayed alongside the answer.

    You have the perfect word for your grid, but can’t come up with a clue. Or you want to see common clues used for your word. Did you know that clue suggestions are available within the PuzzleMe creator? While you’re entering a clue on the grid, switch to the Clue Suggestions tab to browse through a list of clues commonly used for your word.

    Did you know?

    "Film & TV" stars account for 30% of all names featured on crosswords in U.S. and U.K. newspapers, according to this analysis.

    Puzzle constructors like to keep celebrity names like ‘Edie Falco’ and 'Richard Gere' handy, it seems. The next most popular category is musicians, with politicians and religious figures lagging far behind.

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