Top 5 Branded Games That Won The Marketing World & Why

Marketing was always a game, a game of creativity, strategy, and engagement. In the digital age, this game has evolved, with brands using gamification as a main strategy to engage consumers.

Attention is money, and branded games very well grab both.

Did you spend at least a few seconds more on the game than usual text? That is the power of a branded game. When even a simple two-word crossword captures your attention, an engaging game from a brand will definitely make you stay.

What Are Branded Games?

Branded games are interactive experiences created by companies to engage consumers with their brand in an entertaining and memorable way. These games are centered around marketing and brand promotion.

Unlike traditional advertising, these game ads invite active participation from the audience, fostering a deeper connection with the brand through gameplay. These games come in multiple forms like mobile apps, browser games, AR games, and many more. Want to see how it’s done?

Here Are The Top 5 Branded Games Examples

Chipotle’s ‘The Scarecrow’

Chipotle_scarecrow_branded game

Chipotle’s 2013 game ‘The Scarecrow’ was designed to promote their commitment to sustainable farming. Available as an app, the game was accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful short film.

In the game, the players helped a scarecrow fight against the industrial food system, effectively communicating Chipotle’s brand values. It garnered significant media attention and was one of the top 100 apps in the App Store.

Google’s ‘Santa Tracker’

google-santa-tracker-branded game example

Every year, Google releases its ‘Santa Tracker,’ a web-based game that follows Santa Claus as he delivers presents around the world.The interactive experience includes various mini-games and educational activities, creating a festive and engaging way for Google to showcase its technology and spread holiday cheer.

Launched in 2004, google still continues this tradition making it the most popular festive marketing campaign.

Oreo’s ‘Twist, Lick, Dunk’

oreo_branded game example

Oreo’s ‘Twist, Lick, Dunk’ game was available on both their website and as an app. Players could twist, lick, and dunk virtual Oreos in various fun and creative ways.

The game used virtual reality to reinforce the playful nature of the Oreo brand and provided a two-way channel to engage fans. By gamifying their promotional campaign, Oreo strongly reinforced their association with the Twist, Lick, Dunk ritual.

Barry Callebaut: Mona Lisa’s ‘Spot The Difference’

Mona-lisa-spot the diff branded gameBarry Callebaut, a global leader in the chocolate industry, has ingeniously gamified its advertising through a unique ‘spot the difference’ game. The winners were given a chance to win a newly launched chocolate sample.

This approach is not just fun for consumers but also subtly promotes their premium chocolate products.

Netflix x The New Yorker

Netflix x new-yorker_amuse labs

To promote upcoming series/shows, Netflix rolled out an innovative marketing game with The New Yorker magazine. The ads took the form of interactive crossword puzzles that had questions about the show alongside exclusive access to show content after the completion.

This offered a quick and captivating activity for users while promoting the show seamlessly. Rather than disrupting the reader’s experience with intrusive ads, this approach allowed subscribers to learn about the show through an entertaining challenge, thus benefiting all three parties in the communication. Try it out!

Why Does It Work?

By now, you must’ve guessed why branded games work. They essentially are part of gamified advertising which gives the consumer a sense of achievement upon completion of the tasks involved. Advertising Games tap into the brain’s reward system and release dopamine, the happy hormone. This fuels increased engagement, motivation, emotional connection, and brand recall.

To estimate the growth of this marketing tool, Gartner did research which found over 70% of businesses from the Top Global 2000 list have embraced gamification as part of their operations. Read article here!

By integrating game mechanics and interactive experiences into their marketing campaigns, these global giants have tapped into the universal appeal of play and competition. No doubt, this approach has proven highly effective, and good news, you can leverage the same strategy for your own brand.

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Mansi Pund