How to Use Games for Alumni Engagement

As universities strive to maintain strong connections with their alumni, many are turning to creative strategies to foster continued engagement. The University of Toronto has found great success in this area by incorporating university-themed games and puzzles into their alumni communications.

The Power of Games for Alumni Engagement Games and interactive content have proven to be highly effective in keeping alumni interested and involved with their alma maters. Much like the example of Morning Brew’s newsletter puzzles, these activities transform routine communications into anticipated and eagerly awaited events.

The key benefits of using games for alumni engagement include:

  • Higher Open Rates: Exciting puzzles and trivia keep alumni looking forward to the next university newsletter or email, leading to consistently better open rates.
  • Increased Website Traffic: University-themed games encourage alumni to visit the institution’s website to participate, showcasing program offerings and news.
  • Deeper Connections: Interactive experiences transform passive readers into active participants, strengthening their bond with the university.
  • Audience Insights: Tracking engagement metrics on the games provides valuable data on alumni interests and preferences.

The University of Toronto Uses Crosswords for Alumni Engagement

The University of Toronto has found great success with one particular game-based engagement tactic – a university-themed crossword puzzle. Included periodically in their alumni newsletter, the crossword features clues related to campus history, notable alumni, and current events.

The crossword puzzles not only boost open rates for the university’s alumni communications but also drive traffic to the website as alumni visit to find solutions. For universities interested in replicating the University of Toronto’s success, tools like PuzzleMe offer a seamless solution for creating and embedding custom games.

With PuzzleMe, the University of Toronto was able to:

  • Choose a crossword format that aligned with their alumni engagement goals
  • Customize the clues and layout to feature university-specific content
  • Brand the puzzle to match the university’s visual identity
  • Embed the crossword directly on their alumni website for easy access

By providing a university-themed interactive experience, the University of Toronto has been able to keep its alumni community engaged, informed, and enthusiastically connected to their alma mater.

Incorporating games and puzzles into alumni communications is a highly effective strategy for universities looking to foster continued engagement. The University of Toronto’s success with a university-themed crossword puzzle demonstrates the power of interactive content in transforming routine outreach into an anticipated and rewarding experience for alumni. By leveraging tools like PuzzleMe, institutions can easily create custom games that strengthen alumni connections and provide valuable insights into their audience.

Nishant Kauntia